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I struggle to find a dentist I can trust

In my family a trip to the dentist is associated with doom after my Grandma died because of complications after a trip to the dentist. Also, I have struggled to find a dentist that I can trust and when I do they go private or change careers. I would struggle financially to go private. But am I wasting my time trying to find a good NHS dentist?

Also, I broke a tooth recently and a dentist has ground one side of the tooth down to near nothing and put a filling in that goes over the roof of my mouth as well. I have been back and they have just offered to extract the tooth. Is there anything else that can be done as I really don’t want to loose the tooth and am terrified about the thought of having a tooth taken out.

You need to ask the dentist what the options are for the tooth .That can only be done by evaluating whats left of it , and whether its feasible to do anything else .
If the tooth needs extensive work such as a root treatment and /or a crown , then you would have to decide (on the basis of costs and whether you wanted to go through the procedure ) what your choice would be .
Im not sure if you are afraid of the actual extraction procedure , or the thought and consequences of losing a tooth ?
I can well understand how you might have trust issues because of your family history .
You have seen NHS dentists and they go private or change careers , unfortunately that is what is happening a great deal because the NHS dental system is really quite broken and demoralising to work in . Yes there are good NHS dentists , but the problem of getting continuity of care is not easy .
Hope this helps , but ask for more information , its your right

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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