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I suffer from anxiety even when just travelling to the dentist, what tips can you give me?

hi there could you help me please, I have changed dentist for what must have been about 9 times now, this has lead to me having to travel a lot as you can imagine . the issue is I have not felt more comfortable at any point whilst trying this, if anything the need to travel has probably made those particular visits worse. I now don’t know what to do. I am just very uncomfortable both at the dentist and on the way. Can you give me any advice please?

Hi there
this is called ‘doing a geographical ‘ i.e you hope that by travelling , changing dentists something will change to make you feel better .
Obviously this strategy isn’t working for you .
Were any of these dentists better than others , could you list the top three and try one again?
You may never feel entirely comfortable but if you keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work then things can never get better .
Learning some relaxation techniques may help with the Anxiety , I recommend looking into mindfulness , or resources on Anxiety UK .
Can you pinpoint more clearly whats going on with your feelings for a start .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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