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I think I have an abscess but I need sedation treatment

I have always been terrified of the dentist – it’s the actual treatment I hate and as a child my parents did pay to have me put to sleep (very long time ago!). I already have several gaps where teeth have come out/been removed in the past but I presently have 1 tooth that is snapped in half and from the pain I’m getting on the other side of my mouth, from past experience I think it is an abscess but I am getting pain both to the top and bottom jaws.
I am not registered with a dentist due to my fears and I would need an NHS dentist due to my income. I cant find a dentist in the Macclesfield/Cheshire area that would be able to fit me in quickly and would be able to offer some form of full sedation for treatment to keep me calm (I am just about ok for attending the initial appointment where no treatment is carried out).
I would be grateful if you could put me in the right direction as I’m presently taking a full pack of Nurofen (16 tablets) a day to try and control the pain.

Kind regards

There is no option but to seek out a dentist .
I suggest you find a local emergency dental service , and at least get some antibiotics .
There is no such thing as being registered with a dentist , so if you ring round you should be able to find someone on the NHS to see you as an emergency .
Once you have done that then you can see what facilities might be available to get treatment under sedation locally .
Its often not possible to get sedation facilities in an emergency situation , but at least you can get the immediate crisis defused and buy some time to the sedation you need
Hope this helps a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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