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I want to have all my teeth removed

I have been to several nhs dentists and requested to have all of my teeth out due to bad gum disease, very loose teeth and continual pain and discomfort after brushing and eating. all the dentists refuse to extract all of my remaining teeth (12) and cite dentists ethics of not wanting to remove good teeth and the bad consequences of having them all removed eg.. bone loss in lower jaw. Is there any where I can go to have the procedure done without the lectures. It is too expensive for me to continue trying to save the few teeth left with fillings and and becoming increasingly painful and difficult to eat properly. I live in the west midlands wolverhampton area.

Problem here
You are fed up with your teeth , there arent that many left , but dentists perceive that in their eyes the teeth are not bad enough to come out !
But you have indicated that you dont feel able for a number of reasons to go through any more treatment .
I saw a lady that felt like you , and nothing could change her feelings about this. She did find a dentist that was willing to extract all her remaining teeth and that was what happened .
However she was willing to manage without any teeth at all , prior to having some dentures made .
Having dentures can be a godsend for some people , but you have to be aware of all the difficulties with them as well .
Decent dentures also cost money, NHS ones are available but basic .
You know yourself what you really want , so persevere and be as assertive as you can with the dentist you see .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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