I’av had 6 abscesses in 10 years, please tell me how to get over my fear of the dentist?
15th August 2011

Hi jenny, I hope you can help me, I keep getting abscesses under my tooth (bottom left, back) I'av had 6 in the past 10years, everytime I get these my face swells up and iam in agony. However Iam too scared to go to the dentist, when I get them I'l go to the emergancy dentist to get antibiotics but then will never go to a dentist afterwards. Please tell me how to get over this as I believe i've suffered long enough

A. Its not uncommon for people to keep getting emergency antibiotics to avoid dealing with an abcess . It does sound like this tooth may have to be extracted with such a long standing chronic infection . However you need to get rid of this focus of chronic infection as it will not be doing your general health and well being any good . Perhaps you could start off by going to see a dentist that provides sedation services , that way if you do need treatment there will be options to help you to have it done . Imagine what it would be like to wake up tomorrow with no further infections , visits to emergency drs , freedom from pain . To be able to get there you have to be able to overcome your anxiety at making the appointment , and let a dentist have a look , just take it step by step . Its uncomfortable fear of the unknown thats holding you back , but only you can start the ball rolling to stop the suffering . Jenny

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