If I Need to Have Teeth Removed, Can They Be Replaced?
22nd October 2016

I appear to have receding gums, which is now affecting appearance of my teeth. It now hurts and my gums appear to bleed in certain areas when brushing and also the gums inflame. I have no idea what my dentist can do for me and I haven't been in years. I'm really worried and scared that nothing can be done. I'm only 19 going on 20 and I'm scared that some if not all my teeth would need to be removed. If they do, can I have implants or replacements?

A. Don't even start thinking about implants or replacements! You need to see a dentist as it sounds as if you have gum disease. It is very treatable with proper professional cleaning and giving you help about how to clean your teeth effectively at home. So go along and let a dentist have a look. It's also possible nowadays to see a dental hygienist directly. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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Dr Jennifer Pinder - Retired

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