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If I want Wand treatment or sedation will I have to go private, or can I have it on the NHS?


is it only private practices that offers things like the wand and sedation as I absolutely hate needles to the point where I’d rather not have them, or do you know of any NHS practices that do so? I live in manchester and am looking for a sedation dentist to take out my wisdom teeth, which are killing me! I am willing to travel further in the north west if i was required to do so.
Any information you can give would be brilliant

thank you

Hi, I can see your distress of needles is very apparent! I would suggest you ask your dentist to refer you to the Dental Hospital as they will have people who can help you on the NHS there.
If you donot have a regular dentist you may be able to get in though their dental emergency department in the dental hospital iif you are in pain – you would just need to attend, explain the problem and wait for someone who could see you.

Good luck

Dr SimonNery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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