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I’m 14 and about to get braces but I am terrified, what should I expect?

hi im 14 um and im really scared on going to the dentist and in a couple weeks time im going for a clean up and in a few or 4 weeks time (im pretty sure that’s what my mum told me?) anyways in those few weeks im going to get braces but ive already had my surgery done in hospital and i was really axcious in the hospital and getting thoes awful needles injected into me it was really scary aswell but that is not the point the point is in a few weeks time im going to get braces and extreamly scared on what they are going to do to me. i don’t know if its going to hurt when they first do or after so im really nervious and im litraly shaking and jumping out of my skin so any ideas on how to overcome these fears and on the plus side i really need professional help badly my ricter scale is beyond the scale its way past extreamly fear so i really need help please i need it despratly and i have not told my mother yet so any ideas in what to tell my mother about this fear so she can help me with it?

Look positive and imagine what it will be like to have nice straight teeth .
You’ve already successfully managed to have the worst bit done.
Your fears are expanding in your mind to something which may be far beyond whatvitvwill actually be like .
Most methods of straightening are not painful to have as they are not invasive , no drilling , no injections .
However why don’t you tell your mother how you feel and get the straightening specialist to explain what it will be like .that’s a very reasonable request and may help. To defuse your fear

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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