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I’m petrified of being put to sleep but I have some serious dental issues, what should I do?

i have a broken down tooth with a l shape root that needs removing, i am so nervous my dentist reffered me to the hospital, and i didnt attend as even the fought of being put to sleep makes me feel as if i will have a stroke, i now have a lump on the side of my gum , my face isnt swollen and i have no pain, tho today i feel like it is swollen around my cheek, nose, like a sensation of pressure, i know i need to phone the surgery, and i am hyperventilating thinking about it, i seriously need help, i keep thinking the worst, i know if i ask on the phone if i will just get antibiotics they will tell me that ill have to see what the dentist says 1st, because i have no pain i have been putting it off for a couple of weeks, i no i have to go , i cant phyically do it :( i managed 3 fillings 2 years ago and did my self proud, then i had an extraction and it all went wrong, and had to have a wisdom tooth out and ended up a mess afterwards, my tooth needs drilling and gum slicing a little, x

First of all you need to get some help and face your fear .
There is no certainty that your gum will need to be cut , often by the time teeth have a gum boil or you have had swelling they actually become easier to remove as some of the bone has dissolved around the root .
When you go to the hospital its unlikely that you will be offered a GA ( fully asleep ) for a single tooth extraction , However often its a deep sedation where you will not be unconscious but deeply sedated so you dont remember anything and are not aware of the procedure being done , Its safe and might do the trick for you to have this done .
Whats the alternative ? living on antibiotics , having a swollen face and being unwell ?
If you can remake your hospital appointment as a first action, and talk over your worries with the person you see .
Once this tooth is removed you wont have to worry about it anymore, it will never bother you again and you can get on with your life

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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