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I’m uncomfortable around dentists but need a implant. Are there other ways of being sedated?

Hello Doctor, I hope you are well

I was just wondering about sedation. I am really uncomfortable with dentists, but have recently suffered an accident which took out my front tooth and now I am having an implant to replace it. During my treatment will I be put out? I am also get a little ill around needles is there a way of doing the procedure without using needles to put me out? I am getting a little worked up about this all so any help you can give would be really appreciated.

Thank you for your time


Dentists do not usually give General Anaesthetics for implant treatment, but you would definitely benefit from sedation as it is important that the work is done precisely and with you relaxed.

In terms of the needle – does your phobia just surround needles in the mouth or is it needles in general? Lots of people are edgy about the mouth but can tolerate one in the arm or hand. If this sounds like you then it shouldn’t be a problem as the person giving the sedation will administer it in your arm, after which you won’t be bothered about any that the dentist needs to give.

My impression is that you are anxious rather than especially phobic – I think you would be fine with sedation, preferably given by an anaesthetist so that the dentist can get on with your treatment as well as possible.

For the future you may want to consider CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and your Doctor will probably be able to refer you to someone to help you deal with your dental fear.

If you feel comfortable with your dentist why not ask to have a word with them about this and make sure they know how you feel? I am sure they would be grateful for the opportunity to help you.

Very best wishes


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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