I’m very nervous about dental treatment under sedation. Can you give me some advice?
22nd July 2011

Hi Dr Pinder i would just like to know how much i will feel an extraction after ive had concious sedation? I plucked up the courage today to visit a dental practitioner in my local area who offers the sedation service. i am having some big fillings done as well as one molar being taken out, im very nervous so any advice will be helpful. ThanksĀ 

A. When you are sedated the same pain control with local anaethesia is given as without sedation . When you are fully aware agin you will still be numb . It's a good idea to take pain killing medication before the numbness wears off ,possibly at the surgery .that will help to have no pain when the tooth comes round . With any surgery there is the possibility of some discomfort afterwards , but it should be manageable with painkillers ,some have no pain at all . Hope that helps and you get your oral health problems sorted. Jenny

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