Is It Normal For My Tooth to Feel Like This After an Apicoectomy?
6th June 2016

Hi Jenny.  I had an apicoectomy mid April. All felt well and my gum healed. 3 weeks after, my tooth started to feel heavy and it has a slight burning feeling which comes and goes, but I feel it most days at the moment. It seems to irritate the root canal next to it when this starts. My dentist couldn't find anything wrong with the root canal, and feels that apicoectomy takes a long time to settle. I am getting anxious about the whole thing, is it normal to have this feeling in the tooth and this activity to the other teeth? Please help. My teeth are all crowned, root canal treated etc. But I always visit the dentist and clean thoroughly as I also have controlled gum disease.

A. Hello. It's not really possible to give you an answer here as I don't know the circumstances around the treatment or which tooth it was. Mid April to now is quite a while and it probably should have settled down by now. I suggest you go back and see the dentist again. Hope this helps, Jenny. 

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Dr Jennifer Pinder

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