Is it okay to wait four weeks for an appointment with tooth decay?
1st April 2011

I have only just realised that I am more dental phobic than I realised. I have a molar with an old amalgam filling which has recently started twinging at times when pressed or if I am chewing something hard. I have also noticed a small spot of what looks like decay on the edge of the tooth between it and the tooth in front. Of course I am now panicking that I will need a root canal which utterly terrifies me. I tried to get an appt with my dentist for this week, but they have only emergency ones available, they cannot fit me in before my 6 month check which is in 4 weeks time. Will it be ok to leave it this long? I am really worried there is something dreadful wrong and I'm not eating much as a result as I am too scared. I know I will be a panicky mess until I find out what the problem is.

A. The word root canal brings dread into people's minds . If you are just having the odd twinge then it will be ok to wait .full blown toothache can't . You may not need a root canal , so do not panic until you know for sure . Modern root canal treatments are much better than they used to be . The key to managing the treatment is being absolutely numb , also perhaps asking your dentist for some form of oral sedation if you are very anxious about it . Don't listen to other people's horror stories . Hope this helps Jenny

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