Is she checking my teeth properly?
26th July 2011

hi, Iam not scared of the dentist but I get really panicked when the put those metal probes into my mouth. It's gotten so bad that my dentist doesn't even put anything init my mouth anymore, she just has a look. Surely she cant be doing a proper job?! Especially since my appointments only last around 2/3 minutes Please tell me how to get over this so then I can get my teeth checked over properly, thanks in advance

A. Dear Sir/madam It is important that your gums as well as teeth are checked, and although your dentist is clearly sympathetic to your concerns it may be that a more thorough approach is required. Also, how do you get your teeth cleaned when you see the dentist/hygienist? You clearly care about your oral health - there are plastic instruments that can be used to check the gum health and this might help you. I would suggest you ask your dentist if they have plastic perio probes and discuss this in more detail. Where do you think this fear came from, I am sure that you can get over this with some help from your dentist. Dr Simon Nery

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