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Is There a Way to Have Sedation Without Having to Pay High Prices?

I have a phobia of the dentist and have for years. The problem I have is I’m not entitled to free NHS dental care as I work and can’t afford to pay for any dental care and I have an abscess. I went to a private clinic to be put to sleep to have work done to my teeth but will cost me over £2000 and I can’t afford that, I rang my dentist and he refused to refer me under NHS as I need a lot done to my teeth. I’m so scared of going I get worked up, cry, panic even while I’m writing this my heart is racing. Is there any way of being put under without paying so much, as I really can’t go?

You are entitled to NHS dental care whether you work or not. However, if you are not entitled to benefits then you have to pay the NHS charges for a course of treatment. If you need a lot doing then this may be the maximum charge, which may be up to about £300. I’m not sure why you went to a private clinic when you had an abscess, but I assume its because you wanted to have the IV sedation and it was private.
There are sedation clinics available on the NHS, but often it’s just for extractions. I think you should get back to your dentist and ask what facilities are available in your area. Advanced restorative work like root canal treatment is more difficult, however it is probable that you will have to try to find the funds for NHS charges. You may be able to pay as you go along and not pay it all at once. Hope this helps, Jenny.

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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