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Is there a way to test if you’ll have a bad reaction to sedation treatment?

Hi, is there a way to test if you’ll have a bad reaction to sedation treatment? My friend had a few teeth pulled out when she was younger and told me that she had a weird reaction to the sedation. She said that they struggled waking her up and they had to use a heart monitor to make sure she was okay. I’m petrified, as I’ve requested sedation to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted. What are the chances of something like that happening to me too?

Its impossible to know what exactly your friends reaction was.
Monitoring equipment is standard practice in IV sedation and some people just take longer to come back to normal .
Its likely that your sedation will go smoothly and you get the teeth out and remember very little if anything till its over .
IV sedation is very safe , blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry which measures heart rate and the oxygen level are mandatory . You will be kept at a safe level of altered consciousness .
I hope this allays your fears , being apprehensive about this is quite normal

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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