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Is there any way I can straighten teeth with my phobia?

Hello there!! I dont know what to do about going to the dentists. I had a brace as a child and it worked but the issue is that now my teeth have reverted back to their original position almost after years of not having my brace. I hated my brace and hated having to go to the dentist to have it adjusted etc. I was more tolerant of things then and could stand the dentist now thats barely the case and i cant bring myself to go for an appointment never mind to have a brace or anything fitted. I wondered if there was anything i could do to straighten teeth without having a brace that you know of, like a slot in thing? and secondly is there anything i can do to overcome a fear of the dentists im not sure what some methods ive heard of actually are/how they’re carried out or what they do! I’m just stuck in a rut please could you help?? thanks so much

The answer to the orthodontic question is that there are lots of new style appliances such as Invisalign or Inman aligners which are not fixed in .
You do have to have moulds taken but the aligners are removable .
As with any technique your situation has to suitable , it’s only private , but might be more acceptable than your previous time
As you fear is increasing then take a look at for some tips and support .
Some people have crowns or veneers to align teeth but that involves more invasive treatment and is not as popular as it once was

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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