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Is there any way to have a painless injection?

Hello Doctor

Could you please tell me about numbing gels, or smaller needles or other methods for administering anesthetic without the pain or discomfort? I am pretty uncomfortable with needles, but i fear that a tooth at the side of my mouth may need to come out, as it is very sore and the thought of the injections needed is just making me feel pretty sick.

Thank you for any advice you have

A numbing gel is placed on a cotton roll onto the place where the needle will be placed .
Its not the needle going in that hurts , but the pressure of the local anasethetic solution being too fast .
Its possible to have an injection given with a normal syringe painlessly , or at the most with a slight discomfort which passes off as the solution takes effect .
The gadget which is probably most widely available is The wand , this is a very small fine needle on a long thin tube and the digital device makes the speed of the injection delivery very consistent .
I dont think anyone likes having an injection , but it will be all over very quickly .I think its important not to keep thinking about it , and also to tell the dentist about your fear .Ask the practice if they have numbing gels , if not then perhaps try to find one that has .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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