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Is tooth extraction painful?

Hello Dr Pinder
I lost a filling in on of my top wisdom teeth around a year ago and my phobia and lack of dentists in my area (Deal) taking on NHS patients, I fear I will loose the tooth and had an extraction around 3 years ago which left me in agony. Could you tell me is the extraction of a wisdom tooth as gruesome as sites like YouTube show.

If your upper wisdom tooth was filled then its likely its one that was fully in your mouth , unlike ‘partly erupted ‘ wisdom teeth .
People do love to tell each other horror stories , and I personally would never watch such an extraction on You Tube . Doing that is just winding yourself up .
Upper wisdom teeth which are right through and with no fillings are often the easiest of all ‘technically ‘ to extract . A hole in it adds just a bit of extra technical expertise sometimes .
Many teeth like this are better removed , and when the holes get to a certain level they cant be filled anyway and are certainly not candidates for ‘heroic’ dentistry !
Its unlikely you will miss it once its gone and earlier rather than later is always a good philosophy .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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