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It’s been a decade since I went to the dentist and I don’t know what will happen if I go back?


It’s been a very long time since I visited a dentist (around a decade!) & I’m absolutely terrified of trying to see one now after so long as I’m frightened about getting shouted at, I’m terrified about how much treatment my teeth might now need (although I’ve not had any toothaches, or unusual pains etc) – I do have a little gum disease which I’m trying to treat myself with brushing regularly & with special mouthwash.

How common is this sort of scenario? I want to be able to go & see a dentist & get back into the system but I’m feeling so frightened about what may happen. Help please?

Thank you!

you’ve made a good start .
Firstly nobody will shout at you or criticise you .
Tell the dentist why you haven’t been for ages and that you are very nervous .
You won’t know whats needed until a professional has a proper look , and it may well not be as bad as you are predicting . Until then you’re just guessing..
Letting someone have a look doesn’t commit you to anything else , but its a start .
I don’t know what mouthwash you are using , but mouthwashes don’t treat gum disease , you probably need a professional cleaning to be able to be effective with your cleaning .
If its Corsodyl then it may stain your teeth , and will make things look worse . I never recommend it to my patients as Ive seen such horrible staining .
A better choice is CURASEPT which has the same ingredient but doesn’t stain . You can purchase it online .
Hope this helps you to make that first move

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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