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My 4 year old son is scared of the dentist. What can I do?

Hi Simon :) upon taking my young son for his second dental check-up the other day I found that he was absolutely terrified, sat in the waiting room really really anxious. I did the obvious “i’ll be in there with you nothings going to happen” etc, tried to comfort him but he was reaaally nervous! Hes just turned four and I dont understand it, I was there at his very first check up and he was fine, it was a routine check up both times- I told him you know what’s going to happen you did it before and are still alive, but though he was trying he was just really bad. neither me or his mother are bothered about dentist so its not even like he heard us talk about it. is there anything you could suggest that may help him whilst he’s still young? thank you

My advice would be not to make too much of it – hopefully his confidence will grow as he sees that visiting the dentist is easy.

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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