My 9 year old daughter is a nervous patient. Can you recommend any relaxation CDs?
15th June 2011

My daughter has a fear of the dentist and refuses to get any treatment done. She has explained that she hates the smell, the noises, the feeling of the dentists gloves in her mouth. She gets sweaty, shaky legs and says her heart races. She is 9 years old and we really struggle with getting her to the dentist. Last week she let the dentist look in her mouth, and puff a little air, but will not let her clean off the tartar which is gathering round her new big teeth. We were going to try a relaxation CD. Are there any you would recommend?

A. The best I can do here is to suggest that you look on the Internet. of course its important that you get something suitable for a child of that age . What is happening is that your daughter has at least let the dentist have a look , and with time trust should be built up so that she will let a bit more be done . However if there is a need for more treatment then perhaps you could ask for a referral to the Local Community Dental Service where they treat children with phobias and special needs and have more time to coax a child who is having difficulty accepting dental care .

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