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My dental phobia certified dentist did nothing to help me! What should I do now?

I need work done (extraction and fillings)but am exremely phobic- recently saw a dental phobic certified dentist and it did NOTHING for my phobia. I am concerned that if i have conscious sedation for the work, i will be incapacitated and unable to respond to pain – ie. unable to communicate that i am in pain or ask the dentist to stop. I still feel pain with injections, the last thing i want is to be paralysed, yet conscious while i am tortured. What can I do?

I need to just unpack some of this .
Just seeing a dentist once for a consultation can be enough to start to build trust , but it cant cure the phobia .
You have to start to have treatment in a way thats successful and comfortable for this to happen .
conscious sedation means that you will not be incapacitated , but in a state of consciousness where you will not be aware of what is being done .
However you will still be able to respond and most people remember nothing .
However it sounds as if you have had problems with anaesthetics not working in the past , and under sedation good numbness is as important as when fully conscious .
You will definitely not be paralysed and be unable to express if you are having discomfort . Its up to the dentist to ensure that the locals have worked properly , and a phobia certified dentist should be aware of that .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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