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My filling went wrong and caused me a lot of pain

I went to the dentist after trying to get over my fear and I thought she was good until she did a filling and filled it so much it was irritating my nerve and I was constantly in pain. After a year I went to another dentist to get it sorted out and thought she was really good and she sorted the rest out now only 12 month on my actual tooth is falling from the filling could you explain why this is.. I am really of put to go to the dentist again

Unfortunately many fearful dental patients leave holes in their teeth until the nerve is almost , or is exposed when the decay is removed / tooth is filled .
that isn’t the dentists fault they can only work with what they find when they do the filling . By the time a second filling is done , then the tooth is even weaker so bits break off sometimes , again not the dentists fault .
This series of problems with this tooth is probably the legacy of your fear , and isnt anyones fault , so having got the rest sorted it may be that this is the one tooth that had the most damage and the rest are now fine .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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