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My husband needs treatment

Hello, I was wondering what’s the best way to go about my Husband getting treatment. He’s 57 years old. He’s had a lifelong severe phobia of the dentist. It’s so bad that he will literally scream, shout and flail about as soon as even the little mirror tool is put in his mouth. His teeth aren’t great but he’s having an issue with 1 tooth in particular at the moment, I think it’s on it’s last legs as they say. What would be the best way to get him referred to a hospital to be put under a general anesthetic so the work can be done?

Kind regards 

First of all a dentist will need to examine him teeth ( this can be done with just a mirror and not poking about ) .
Hospitals generally only do extractions under a general anaesthetic , and a general dentist can refer for this .Its easier to get this for extractions which is what it sounds like your husband needs
Its also possible to have other work done under intravenous sedation by a dental practice that carries out work under sedation .
Another option is to request your Dr to refer him to a psychologist under the IAPT scheme for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy so that he can at least accept an examination without too much distress .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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