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My medical condition has badly affected my mouth health

Dear Dr,

I’m a potential NHS patient.
I have severe RA and need to take a combination of some medications
Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with Secondary SjÃgren’s Syndrome and this became the big destroyer of my mouth health.
All my teeth became wobbling, breaking in pieces and even just fall, also my gums shrank.
I had pretty and even teeth, always smiling.
Nowadays, I lost my smile, stop and I stop socialising. I don’t see my friends for a year, because I didn’t want to be seen like this.
Of course that I fear pain, as I have already pain enough in my life.
I’m very conscious about the condition of my mouth and I really need to stop this degrading look that is extreme embarrassing.
I must change my life before is to late.
Hence, I’d like to ask if you can help me, which of course I will be so grateful..
Thank you for taking the time to read my message.
Kind regards.

Hello  Im very sorry to hear about your difficult and painful medical condition .
I know you are embarassed , but your condition has not helped your dental health and thats not your fault.
If you go on to , there are lots of people who have been so afraid of the dentist that they need support .
Some of them recommend dentists who have helped them to get the treatment they need .You may find an NHS dentist amongst them .
Build on the courage that you have shown by asking questions , Once you see a dentist then you will find out what your options are for getting healthier teeth .
Hope this helps a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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