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My teeth are badly decayed but I am terrified of going to the dentist

Hi Jennifer

Around a year ago I got my tongue pierced. I had to remove it after around 5 months as my teeth were chipping one by one whilst I was eating and biting accidentally on it or even just fiddling with it in my mouth. I had exams at the same time which I used as my excuse to not visit the dentist as I’m petrified of being told off or seen as unhygienic. I brush my teeth morning and night which has contributed to my chipped teeth to chip further and start to crumble. I except I have a problem yet I can’t bring myself to go to my dentist. It has gotten to the point when 3 of my front teeth are badly decayed, one tooth literally only has the front surface remaining, one tooth, my very front one has chipped at the side and is decaying inwards and the other has literally cracked into two pieces, only the front remains. I’m too scared to go to my dentist as I should have gone sooner and things have really deteriorated… I can’t even look at the dentist as I drive past as I feel physically sick with embarrassment and shakey with anxiety. Even if people speak about the dentist around me I find myself shutting off and thinking about something else. I really want to get it sorted but I just can’t face it! What do you suggest?

I suspect that you may have had problems with some teeth even before you had the piercings , so don’t beat yourself up about this , whats done is done .
I suggest you go onto a website called and see what others can say that will help you .
You know there are problems so that will not come as a shock when you see the dentist .
The dentist will be looking to help you , not judge you , the feelings of guilt and shame are yours .
You will feel anxious and fearful , but you have to get past that to get the help you desperately need .
Find a suitable dentist , take a deep breath and ring them .
take someone with you to support you when you go .
The first visit would be best if all is is to have a look and talk to you about how to help you

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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