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My teeth are falling out, but I am scared to see the dentist, what can I do?

my teeth are very bad some have fallen out. my top ones are dentures and i have a bridge at the bottom which is breaking but im so scared to see a dentist I wish I could just have them all out help me please


If some of your teeth have fallen out it sounds as if you have advanced gum disease , or very broken teeth .
It may be the appropriate things to have the rest of your teeth out .
You already have dentures , and if that is what you would like then thats what you should ask the dentist about having done .
Please remember its your mouth and your choice .
I look after quite a few people who have got to the end of their tether with having bad teeth , but are very frightened . Some have had full dentures , and have not regretted it . with improved appearance , and clean and healthy gums .
However the first few months with full dentures arent always easy if you have them put in immediately the teeth are removed as gums shrink and they get loose , so plan for a permanent set at a later date .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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