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My teeth are in terrible shape, what should I suspect from a dental visit?

Hi.. I have not seen a dentist for 13 years, and now I am suffering I drink too much fizzy probably and at night I grind my teeth, and sometimes in the morning I have bits of broken tooth in my mouth. Most of my teeth have got black by the gums, which is where they are rotting i think, but most of the back ones have holes and are broken literally in half. I am so scared of the dentist to the point my mum has to take my own son! I really want to get them sorted but I would like to know what they would do when i go visit, I am petrified of dentists and of the hook thing cos they always poke it in the holes and it hurts so much, would it be possible for them to not poke and just have a look? Also because my teeth at the side and my wisdoms are broken to a point of non repair what will happen will I be gappy forever or can I have new teeth put in? My wisdom teeth have broken so there is only a little bit left in the gum how would they get it out, please help I am so worried.

I’m sorry your fear has resulted in the problems you have .
Tell the dentist how scared you are , how your current condition is because of your fear .
They don’t need to poke with a probe ,but at the first visit need to look ans see what’s what and take X rays .
They can at least give you a draft plan .
It sounds as if you may need a few extractions at the back , and it’s possible to manage without.
Dentures of some sort may be an option to replace them .depending on your financial position implants may be possible, but that’s for the future after all the disease is sorted out .
Have courage and get an assessment first , then you’ve made a good first step

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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