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My teeth are rotten but I am too scared to visit the dentist?

Hi im nervous just writing this but i desperately need to see a dentist now.. I have a main front tooth that is just about hanging in there at the top and i have two loose at the bottom. I can barely eat now. The rest of my teeth are rotten and awful. Is there a dentist that will give me sedation on the nhs in Hereford that is trained for someone as scared as me. I have not been to the dentist for about ten years, i had an extraction that really hurt and i passed out when i stood up. I was in agony for days and i have not been back since. My sister had bad teeth and she went as nhs to gaol street clinic in Hereford. But she is not very understanding of my problem so i dont know if they will do a sedation or f they will understand how scared i am..please can you help me. it looks like my gums have come away from my teeth too. They are in an awful mess but im so scared…my partner works but i do not and we do not claim benefits of any kind. we have not long returned from living in France and i have not registered with a dentist as i dont know where to go or who to see that will help me. please can you help me find a dentist in Hereford..

its a great first step to ask for the help that you so desperately need .
I suggest that you google ,dentist in Hertfordshire , sedation services , Iv sedation , dentist for nervous patients as key words .
Although treatment is available on the NHS , for example it sounds as if you may need dentures , there is still some cost involved .
A dentist needs to have a special sedation contract to provide this on the NHS , and there are some special sedation clinics .
You could also look at where there are some recommendations from people who have had good experiences with various dentists .
You may need to travel , and you may also have to consider paying privately for the sedation / and or treatment .
Many people who are phobic have not spent anything on their teeth for many years , and the costs will be different from what you remember , but it has to be done somehow or else nothing will change and your quality of life can only be downward .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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