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None of my dentures fit properly

Hi, after years of being frightened to go to the dentist, I finally built up the courage to go and see one, the problem I have is, I have seen four different dentist in the last year for dentures that repeatedy have been made wrong, however since Feb this year I have been to the dentist every eleven days to have a full top set of dentures made and again im having problems with the dentist, as after 55 days I still dont have properly fitted dentures, they dont fit my gums, they look absolutely horrendous and fall out whenever I open my mouth, I have been told by friends and family that I need to seek help as this just cant be right, everytime I have mentioned to the dentist that these are wrong, are to big in fitting and size, she tells me its because I am NHS and not private, she told me to wear them and use fixodent as there is nothing else she can do. I now find I dont want to face people, I’m so upset that it keeps me awake at night and feel I need help to have this rectified. If I sent you a photo of the teeth she has given me, you would im sure, fall off your chair with shock. I dont know if you can help me, but information on what i can do, would help

Im so sorry you are having all this trouble .
Its impossible to say without seeing you why its so difficult to get you what you want
some people have very flat gums on the bottom , and unfavourable ridges to get a good fit ,or a difficult bite to get .
Some dentists are not very good at making dentures as they dont do that many full dentures these days
If I was to be truthful your best bet would be to try and find a Clinical Dental technician . They are Dental Technicians who are qualified and registered and legally able to make full dentures for the public directly . .Google Clinical Dental Technician , or ring the General Dental Council to ask for one in your area .
Its a sad fact that The amount of money that the NHS pays for full dentures is very low ( despite what the patient pays ) . The technical work that can be purchased for the money can be of a poor standard .
I remember when I did NHS full dentures sometimes I actually paid for the patient to have them, after my costs to get decent lab work .
If your gums are really difficult then it may be possible to get a referral to a dental hospital .
Unfortunately even clinical dental technicians only work on a private basis .
However the dentist took you on as an NHS patient and she has a duty to see that what you have are fit for purpose , and she is providing something that at least fits and looks reasonable .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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