Normal drugs don’t help, what can i try next?
22nd July 2011

Hi, I have a dental phobia due to the main reason that I think because have a very overactive gag reflex. Every time the dentist puts anything in my mouth i feel sick and begin to heave. The dentist has tried to help but drug commonly used in sedation does not relax me enough and I am desperate to have some work done, as I have started to get black spots and could really do with getting some fillings before my teeth get really bad. Please tell me what can I do?

A. Have you 1tried to find a dentist who offers RA, which is a mixture of nitous oxide and Oxygen which suppresses the gag reflex. IV sedation is not a lways successful for this as you have found . Hypnotherapy may also help . Sometimes just a dentist who is patient and a dental nurse who is cateful with suction machine can get you there. Look up the article on gagging in

Dental Phobia

Dr Jennifer Pinder

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