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Should I get my molar refilled?

I’ve had a problem with a large bottom molar, part of the filling has broken & been refilled twice. On the third occasion it was glued together but its broken again. This is all quite traumatic for me. I almost stop breathing in the chair! This time the dentist has said to leave it as its not painful & can be cleaned. I’m worrying already about what may happen next. Should I leave it or get it refilled, I don’t want to cause more trauma for myself.Thanks for helping me and i look forward to your reply.

Hello .
I would suggest you get a second opinion about this tooth . If the filling keeps breaking there may be a problem with the bite , or the filling is now so big that you might be better with a crown rather than just continuing to have patches or refills .
Of course I can only guess whats there . just leaving it doesnt sound like a good idea .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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