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Should I tell my dentist I am afraid of needles?

Hello Doctor,
I started going to a new dentist last year and had to have an extraction and a few fillings. I used to be ok with this, but I felt so much pain and discomfort when she was using the needle in my mouth. It was awful. At one point she must have injected me over ten times. Now I need to go back and I know I need at least one filling but I am so terrified of the needle now. Should I mention this to the dentist (its a new one now) or just see how it goes? I know already that i will tense up before hand and be extremely nervous as I feel that way now! Do you have any advice? many thanks

Occasionally local does fail but not commonly . I would definitely speak to your dentist and express your concerns . If the problem continues it may be worth while seeing another dentist .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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