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Should my daughter have fillings on her baby teeth?

Hi – My daughter has been to the dentist and had and xray where I have been advised she has to have 7 fillings on her baby teeth!!!

Firstly she has an absolute phobia on dentist and has a panic attack just to sit in the chair, but 7 fillings on baby teeth and this is private – is this necessary for my little girl to go through 2 hrs of different appointments and have 7 done ? Surely not!! Please advise. 

Im sorry your child is in this position .
It is possible for a child to have seven teeth which have decay , Im not sure how old she is ?
Ask the dentist to look at the X rays with you to show you what is happening and what is proposed .
Decay is no respecter of NHs or Private .
You also need to look at what may be causing your child to get decay , and how to prevent her getting any more in her permanent teeth .
Your question about lots of sessions with a child who is very fearful is a quite legitimate concern .
The dentist may need to test out how she manages with just one filling at first .
If she cant do that then what is needed will have to be reviewed.
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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