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Some of my filling has broken off

Hello Dr Pinder,
I had some filling work on the front teeth last year. I think composite filling material was used. The next day when I tried to floss I couldnt get the floss into the gaps as they had the filling in. Unfortunately I think I may have broke some of it off in the process. I really struggled having the fillings as I have severe anxiety going to the dentist/ Do you think the dentist did the filling incorrectly? I didn’t want to mention it and go back because of my fear but I know I will have to return as the teeth are a little sensitive now. Thanks for your help.

Hello It depends really how large the fillings were. Sometimes its difficult to get fillings to a shape where floss gets through if they are in between the teeth . Sometimes a biting edge chips off if the enamel is weakened after a filling is needed , and sometimes a bit of excess comes off .
You do need to see the dentist to check exactly whats happened , it may not need anything more doing .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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