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What are the options for someone like me who is scared of but wants dental implant treatment?

Hello Doctor

I need to have my tooth replaced and I would prefer to have a dental implant but i am not good when it comes to injections etc. What are my options to help me get through my dental implant treatment? and are they provided at most dentists or should I have to look for a specialist. I live in the North west but am willing to travel

thank you

Firstly I find my patients greatly be benefit from sedation, especially if they are anxious as it is important for you to be relaxed and for me to be able to work precisely.
The General Dental Council is the body which holds specialist lists for dentists who have followed appropriate training and experience to be formerly allowed to call themselves specialists. However there is no register for recognised specialists in dental implantology – therefore anyone using the term “implantogist” or “specialist in implantology” is making a claim which suggests such recognition without foundation. The lack of this register is due to the field of implantology crossing several sub-specialisations in Dentistry. For example, I am a recognised specialist in Prosthodontics, which deals with restoring and replacing missing teeth(including with implants), and also have an advanced level diploma (to include grafting techniques) from the Faculty of Dental Surgery if the Royal College of Surgeons. This means that I have completed extensive higher training, and combined with experience allow me to take referrals and act as a mentor for other dentists.
However, there us currently no limitation on which dentists can place implants, so a newly qualified graduate is just as entitled to carry out this procedure as I am for example.
Who you see largely depends on how difficult your case is, and how confident you feel. I would suggest you ask whomever you see about their experience and postgraduate training and go from there- please do not be guided by price only!
I hope this is helpful.

Good luck


Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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