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What can I do to deal with my dental phobia?

Hello Dr J Pinder. I have never liked going to the dentist, I have always been nervous and for anything other than a check up this is multiplied hugely which can be quite a problem at times. I’m fifty-eight and had never heard of dental phobia, never mind these websites and that there are potential treatments. as all this is completely new to me (using the internet after a long career in labour) I am not too good at surfing online for information as yet, however I can type! I am looking to quell the problem I have with the dentist as I think I will need more and more treatment and check ups as I get older. Do you think you could tell me what you would do with a patient in my position and what my options are please.

hello , well you have made a good start for someone unfamiliar with internet research .
What I would do for someone like yourself is firstly to see you for an appointment that gave us time together to talk through your difficulties with going to the dentist and having treatment .Then we would find out what is needed clinically and match up what we could do to help you have this .
It really depends what the specific things are for you as to how to go about it .
Sometimes all that is needed is for you to start off by finding a dentist who is sympathetic to nervous patients , and gradually build up trust .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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