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What else could I try when attempting to get over my dental phobia?

Hello Dr Pinder I have struggled with the dentist for a long time. I have tried a various number of things. I had an appointment with a dentist in a lounge type room where she tried to basically convince me for nearly an hour that dental phobia was nothing to be afraid of and used the word anxious a lot. all in all it was a bit patronising the hole “your angry, breathe in.. breathe out” type treatment and it didn’t work. I have also been told it’s better going to another dental suite, but I like my dentist- he’s a nice guy. its the whole experience is harrowing before i go and not nice when I’m there. where should I start with trying to solve this? thank you very much

If you have someone you like then it might be a good idea to speak to him about how you feel .
If the experience is harrowing before you go , then its the thoughts and the anxiety they cause that is the problem .
Its not about what is actually happening to you when you are not at the dentist .
Try and write down what it is you fear most about the dentist experience , what you fear least and mark them in order of severity.
Also it might help to visit a website called This is a superb site for patients , and has an excellent on-line support forum .
Hope this helps a bit

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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