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What is CBT and do you think it could help me?

I dont know why I dont like the dentist and I dont get it, people always have a fair enough reason and I dont like trying to tell people about it because I sound silly saying “er yh got a problem, what, dunno!” but Its gotten to the point whereby I need to tell somebody as I need to get over it. I went to the dentist the other day for a check up and although nothing was done it was a nightmare, I can go to the dentist sit and wait, I have no issue when walking into the the treatment room (only that I know Im going to shortly) or even upon seeing the chair- but when I sit in the chair the panic kicks in right away like only then do I know im in a dentist! Ive heard about CBT but what it is and do yuo think it could help in this scenario?

CBT is cognitive Behavioural Therapy p It may well help you overcome your anxiety/phobia. I would suggest you see your doctor and ask for referral to someone who can help you as I am sure your fear can be overcome with the right help.

Good Luck

Dr Simon Nery

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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