What is it that I am actually scared of?
25th July 2011

Hello experts, I don't have a fear of going to the dentist because Iam fine when I book the appointment, get there and sit down. It's as soon as they put anything in my mouth, especially the little metal bits. Is this normal? If so any pointers on helping me overcome this? Thanks so much and I hope that you can help me

A. Thank you for taking the time to ask your question. Getting there is half the solution . What happens when they start to look .What exactly are you afraid of ? Its possible just to look with a dental mirror rather than the poking about with a probe that many people dread. tell the dentist what you dont like ,it helps to be open . Some people dont like metal instruments such as hand scalers , and may prefer ultrasonic cleaning. Your memory of previous experiences may be being revived and it would help if you tried to change negative thoughts you have . I hope you can get the treatment you need.

Dental Phobia

Dr Jennifer Pinder

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