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What is the smell coming from my wisdom tooth?

I have a wisdom tooth that has a huge cavity in it, the nerve probably died a while ago as I experience no pain whatsoever when cold or very hot stuff touches the tooth. About a month ago however I had a huge pain that was redirected in my ear, I went to the doctor convinced I had otitis and she told me its actually the cavity in my mouth that was causing the pain. After that I had no further pain.

Yesterday I noticed a funny, unpleasant smell and taste coming from that tooth. Brushing my teeth doesn’t make it go away for long. I am very scared of the prospect of this situation building up into a need to go to the emergency where I can’t even chose my doctor.

As you can imagine I am petrified. I have the worst kind of dental phobia, all my hair stands up just thinking about it. In fact I am so scared that I was unable to eat since I realized the smell, I completely lost my appetite and I can’t focus on work.

Please tell me, what could it be ? Infection ? What are the possible outcomes and what can I do about it to prevent an emergency type situation ?

The rational way to deal with this is to take action before it becomes a crisis .
When wisdom teeth blow up ( dont know if yours is a stuck one ) the usual thing is to be given antibiotics , or to get the tooth out straight away .
However if you feel that you might need sedation or even a GA to have this out then its much easier and simpler for all if you are not in pain when you finally get to sort it out .
If you can pluck up the courage to see a dentist then you can explore the options , and then work out how you might have the problem sorted out when it suits you . You wont have anything done at the first visit except X rays if needed .
Without this knowledge then all you can do is imagine the worst , and the problem wont go away .
There is nothing you can do to prevent an emergency m its just waiting to happen if you leave it .
Hope this helps you to tackle the problem

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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