What Pain Relief Is Available During a Teeth Cleaning Session?
18th March 2016

I'm getting my teeth scaled and polished when I go in for my daily check up. The problem is, I hate the pain so much and I don't know what to say to my dentist. What would you recommend I say and is there anything I cam ask for to help with the the pain? 

A. The hygienists I work with are able to use local anaesthetic in areas that are sensitive. They also use a numbing gel called Oraquix. I'm not sure whether you are an NHS or private patient, but as the Oraquix is very expensive it's doubtful that would be available in an NHS practice unless it's used for private appointments. I have some personal beliefs about teeth cleaning: 1. Hygienists do it better than dentists 2. You need an appointment of a decent length to allow for appropriate pain control. However, unless your dentist knows how you feel , then they can't offer you the help you need. So pluck up courage to tell them. You are not the only person who feels like this, it's actually quite common but unacknowledged. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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Dr Jennifer Pinder

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