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What should I expect from IV sedation?

I am having some important dental work done in the next few weeks. I have a bad phobia about the dentist due to some bad experiences as a child, resulting in all the dental work that needs doing now. I am having 2 root canals, also I am having an extraction and some crowns with a general dentist who is going to give me Iv sedation. I have tried doing some research on the Internet, but am struggling, does it make you “forget” what happened in the dentist chair? Do they relieve anxiety? I am hoping I have found the answer to my dental phobia, but I would like to know what to expect. Thank you for your time!

Glad to hear you have plucked up courage to have the work you need .
IV sedation sounds like a good option for you .
Although you wont be completely asleep as with a full general anaesthetic , you will be awake but unaware of what is happening . The dentist will still use local anaesthetics just as if you were fully conscious .
Most people remember nothing at all about having the injections , drilling .
I had this myself a few months ago for a back procedure , I was assured it was a ‘light sedative ‘ and I was awake , but I cant remember anything at all , thought I was asleep .
Hope this helps , good luck .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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