Where Can I Find a Dentist to Deal with My Prognathism?
16th February 2016

Good day Doctor Pinder, I have a really huge fear of the dentist. It started out when I had a very horrible and difficult extraction. Anyhow, because of this fear I lost a lot of teeth as I am so scared to see a dentist. My oral health at the moment is really bad and it makes me really anxious and embarrassed. I can't smile properly and find it awkward to do so. So I have decided to have my teeth check by a dentist who understands and deals with nervous patients. I really need my teeth done, as my friends tease me about it and my self confidence is almost non-existent. I have also a bad bite problem and prognathism, which is affecting me now socially. Hoping for your response. Thank you.

A. Hello, well done for starting to tackle your fear. You need to find a dentist. Firstly will it be NHS or Private? I suggest you go onto www.dentalfearcentral.org - there are some dentists on there around the country who have been tried out by others like you and that might be a start. Tackling prognathism is a more major thing and you need to just make small steps and get your teeth healthy first. Hope this helps, Jenny.

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