Where Can I Find an NHS Dentist for Nervous Patients?
17th May 2016

I have just sat on the floor about to end it all just because of my dental phobia. I am getting bullied by people I don't know in the street, judgmental stares, comments yelled at me and all because of my teeth. I have none left on the left 2 huge decayed buck teeth with huge overbite. I tried going to an NHS dentist after 9 months on the waiting list here in Blackpool and got told basically we have no time for phobics we recommend you go private as there is a big demand for your place on our books. After being so brave to walk in I get told that. I need sedation, I need trust. I have rang and emailed every dentist locally and not one is taking on unless I pay them plenty. I have no job, no friends who can take me further afield and I am agoraphobic because of being judged. If I had perfect teeth I'd be so happy as the only thing stops me living my life is my horrific teeth. I don't know where to turn or if there is anywhere? My GP said she can't help me as it's a dentist I need. Help!

A. You must tell your GP that you are having suicidal thoughts because of your teeth. It sounds as if this is helping you to to be anxious and very depressed. There may be a local Community Dental Service that helps people with special needs such as yours, and in particular if you are becoming agoraphobic. If you google Community Dental Service in Lancashire / Blackpool /Preston then you may find a link and get a dentist to refer you there. You should not have to wait weeks to get an appointment just for a look. You may find some help on www.dentalfearcentral.org where there are dentists who have helped others, and you don't need to go private. There must be sedation services available locally, often its in a special centre. However, having sedation means you have to have someone with you, so is there anyone you could think of that could help out at all? I hope this helps a bit, Jenny.

Dental Phobia

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