Where can I find sedation for my area?
22nd July 2011

Hello there, I am very very very frightened of dentist I havnt been since I was younger and I'm now 24 my teeth are in a mess but I just can't find the courage to go to the dentist or even ring them but my teeth are really getting me down .. I have nightmares about them and about going to the dentist, it's constantly on my mind ... Could you offer me any advice or any place in Nottingham that deals with phobic patients i think I may need to be put under sedation to have any treatment Thanx for taking the time to read this it really does mean alot

A. hello being so scared of the dentist must be very difficult . I cant give recommendations , but would suggest you search for dentists in Nottingham and sedation . The condition of your teeth is having a negative effect on your life , and its also on your mind both awake and asleep so you get no respite from it . The very first thing to do is to find out by seeing a dentist exactly what the real condition of your teeth is , what could be done to help you and how it might be done , until then you are just guessing and imagining the worst case scenarios . Ringing to make an enquiry at a practice doesn't commit you to doing anything other than making that call . You will be anxious but the anxiety will fade away after a short while . I also suggest going to the forum called Dental Fear Central, a very useful support resource for patients . www.dentafearcentral.org . support forums help many people to get to their goal of getting their teeth sorted out

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