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Where can I get sedation without needles?

Hey I really need help on finding somewhere that does sedation without needles. I’ve had a needle phobia all my life and when it comes to having blood tests or even dental treatment I physically tense up and become faint. I’ve had all my treatment done in hospital by being put out with the gas stuff but now my local hospital which I was referred to from my dentist are saying they do not do the kind of treatment I need done and that I’m 24 and too old. I really don’t know what to do. I’m scared my teeth are going to fall out as my teeth are bleeding everyday and have done for over a year please help asap thanx

Lets unpack your problem
1. Needle phobia , which manifests itself by feeling faint , do you actually faint ?
2. You have had ‘gas’ and were asleep to have treatment in a hospital , sounds like you came under the ‘child ‘ category and now you are an adult its not available .
Sedation without needles , could be either Relative Analgesia ( nirtrous oxide and oxygen ) or intra nasal sedation with a drug called midazolam .
first you would have to find a dentist who does these techniques which might be difficult .
You would then have local anaesthesia with a needle after you had been sedated .
Would you be prepared to try to overcome your needle phobia ? There are techniques, and I recommend you go onto the website of Anxiety Uk and look at their resources for needle phobia .
A tip for not fainting is to be in the chair with your head slightly below your feet , and squeeze some spongy stress balls . Sound daft but its scientifically sound as it alters the blood flow and stops you fainting .
Its not your teeth that are bleeding but your gums , and its possible that all you need are visits to a hygienist to get them cleaned and to be shown proper home care to get your gums healthy , that would not involve needles and you should at least pluck up courage to find out what is wrong . At the moment you may just be imagining the worst .
Hope this helps

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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