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Why did I have extreme sickness after my procedure?

I have advanced periodontal disease and had not been to the dentist for 10 years, eventually I went after realising 6 of my teeth were loose, the dentist I went to wanted to perform a deep clean top and bottom, I had explained about my phobia of the dentist and my anxiety, he was unsympathetic and on my second visit to him had an allergic reaction to the anaesthetic causing severe dizziness, vomiting and swelling, he told me it was my fault for being to sensitive carried on with the procedure and then left me on my own vomiting in a public place whilst propped up against a wall. Please can you tell me what the correct procedure should be if a patient displays these symptoms, I had had 6 local injections over a period of 2 days, was I perhaps overdosed?

I understand that you were extremely anxious about this procedure , and I wonder if you were offered any sort of anxiety medications ?
Sometimes having this done can exacerbate this and make you feel very unwell .
The locals dont sound like the cause of this , and injecting the solution into the gum makes the gum feel swollen with the amount of fluid which disperses .
If what you say about the dentists manner and handling of your anxiety was as unsymapathetic as it sounds then perhaps you should seek another dentist .
You will need ongoing maintenance if you have advanced disease , either from a dental hygienist or even from a gum specialist .Otherwise the gum disease will continue to progress .
I hope you are feeling better now and the treatment did have some positive effect despite your reaction

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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