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Will my children’s teeth end up like mine?

I have sever dental pain radiating up the side of my head I presently taking codeine but am terrified of the dentist although my life is unbearable due to the pain and the amount of codeine I’m taking is affecting my ability to work safely. I have always had terrible teeth always had filling had 8 teeth removed at 15 as my baby teeth hadn’t dropped out. I then had braces and was regularly told of by my dentist and orthodontist. In university when I went to the dental hospital I received a lecture on smoking (which I have never done) but was told that was the reason my teeth were the colour they were. I fear my children will have teeth like me and will have endless fillings, is it possible i have a low dentin level and this is what makes my teeth so fragile (my mother wanted to have my teeth coated and the dentist informed her it was a load of nonsense. I just don’t want my children to go through what I have if it is unnecessary.

Im sorry about you dental difficulties . Firstly your children , fortunately most children these days have had some exposure to fluoride in toothpastes which helps strengthen their teeth .
Essentials are monitor the sugar content on their diet ,especially soft drinks and sweet things,make sure they know about good cleaning habits .
Of course make sure they go to the dentist regularly to stop fear becoming a problem.
If you cant take them yourself , get a person who is not anxious about it to go with them .
On to you , im worried about your codeine consumption , its easy to get addicted to it , leaving you with a bigger problem than just toothache .
I suggest you visit the dentist to ask for a visit just to look at your painful tooth, nothing more than that to start with .
Start with a small step and build up from there .
Its not the dentists job to judge you but to help you in your situation .However its only you that can make that important first step .

Answer provided by: Dr Jennifer Pinder Retired
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